January 18 , A new Year!

I’ve been trying to post for 2 weeks now, but for some reason error kept showing up. So here’s the update… It’s a new year 2013, wow, I’m glad I’m still here and feel pretty good. I’ve been off drugs since September so it’s nice for that break.
  My numbers are starting to increase and that’s cause for concern. But it’s still low overall. I’m getting blood tests every month, so if something starts to get more aggressive , well know. I’m lucky that my myeloma doesn’t just shoot up. ( knock on wood) at least so far.
  I’ve been cooking new recipes and enjoying that. Ive really gotten into jim laheys no need bread. It’s  amazing !I’ve continued to work on the minimalism concept and love, less is more. We’ve gotten rid of tons of stuff, you wonder where it comes from…
  I’m hoping for a great year, of health and prosperity. I’ve been working on new budget goals and trying to stay focused. 

One thought on “January 18 , A new Year!

  1. Hi, Christina – Read your comment on Boomergirl's blog. I also work at a "Friends" book sale (9 years now) and like it so much that when I had a chance to apply for a paying job at the library I turned it down, preferring the volunteer position. All the books I can read, ones I never would have found on my own, making new friends with the same interests, what's not to like?I'll check in on you from time to time, and wish you all the best in 2013. Hang in there! Marcia(P.S. I wrote this and sent it (after battling the Word Verification bully three times) and then realized you had a January post and should have sent it to that one.)

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