December blues

This is a hard time of year for me, in November 2003 I fractured my t10 . I didn’t know it then but I did. I had just bought an estate sale of life magazines right after thanksgiving . It was 40 boxes of life. Somehow I thought that was the beginning of my life with life magazines but really it lead to my diagnosis of multiple myeloma . The weekend after I moved all the boxes, I felt a twinge in my back
The next morning I got up out of bed and collapsed. It kept on.. I went to the doctor, but saw a nurse practitioner Instead, she said It was a sprain. Ha, I persevered  and finally it must have started healing on its own.  Except it was cancer that caused the fractured. But December is a hard month for me, because I remember the pain, and I couldn’t do much for the holidays . It was a sad depressing time but worst was still to come.

 In the spring I finally wanted some physical  therapy, and the X-rays showed a compression fracture. No one questioned why… So I did nothing…..

The following spring I decided to see a back doctor about kypoplasty , and I had an MRI , it was the worst day of my life.
The nurse said to come to his office at 5 pm on that Friday,,   So then Barclay and I went and he was the worst doctor I’d ever had. He blurted out, you have bone cancer. I was shocked and even more shocked. My life crumbled into a heap.
What was he talking about.
So in the end after the second worst moment if my life , a bone biopsy, I which I thought what is this guy doing with a hammer pounding into my back…. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma .

The rest is history, radiation for the plasmacytoma , chemo, stem cell transplant . 

But it all started in November /December. Of 2003.
So that’s 9 years ago. But I know is been there way before that…

2 thoughts on “December blues

  1. Hi, Christina – Read your comment on Boomergirl's blog. I also work at a "Friends" book sale (9 years now) and like it so much that when I had a chance to apply for a paying job at the library I turned it down, preferring the volunteer position. All the books I can read, ones I never would have found on my own, making new friends with the same interests, what's not to like?I'll check in on you from time to time, and wish you all the best in 2013. Hang in there! Marcia

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