Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful I had the money to order the right Dyson vacuum part the other day since all 4 knock-off filters were defective and actually went flying off the top of my V 8 vacuum. The Dyson filter was $30 and only one as opposed to the knockoffs that were 4 in the package. Oh well, I can use Bender( the robotic vacuum) until it shows up.

I’m very thankful that our daughter is such a help around the yard and does most of the gardening. She’s a librarian and the author of many supernatural books involving gay werewolves and vampires. She’s always been one to make up stories even as a child. Now she’s paid, and pretty handsomely too, to write stories.

I’m grateful that our barn kitties are doing well in the house. They do get to go out to their yard which is fenced and protected from predators. My daughter totally spoils them and even bought a catio for them which attaches to her bedroom window. I also am grateful that Chester found his way here from( we think) the hoarder neighbor’s house. He’s a funny cat and has a big personality.

I’m thankful spring is here and everything is turning green and growing!! We would still like to drive up to Tahoe and see the snow pack but the timing just hasn’t been there. I’m guessing that snow will be around for a while. What a winter!!

Oh, let’s not forget, I am so grateful tRump is indicted and that DA Bragg is a brave man.

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