Thankful Thursday

Over on the Frugal Girl’s blog, she wrote a post the other day on 15 things she liked more about her new rental than her old house. She recently left a marriage of 25 years and is starting over in many ways. I admire her positive and generous voice and she is moving on from a challenging situation. Even though there are quite a bit of ‘God’, ‘prayers’, and Christian stuff from commenters, it doesn’t bother me because she, herself, is not proselytizing. Lots of her commentators do though and I just ignore those. She really does walk her talk and is genuinely a good person. Ok, enough, my point is I wanted to write down what I’m grateful for in this house even though it is old, small, and has some serious foundation issues, there’s still a lot of good here.

We moved here in 1995. My son was just 1 year old and my daughter 9. It really was a rundown house and we bought it as is which is probably why no one wanted it. Plus there was so much junk everywhere. It literally took years to clean it up and take down old buildings.

So what I’m thankful for here:

  1. The house sits on top of a small hill in our town and we have almost a 360 view even though there are still lots of trees. When I first came to look at this place what struck me was the light all around.

2. The house is at the end of our driveway so there are no houses behind us. I have issues with things behind me ( I absolutely hate people walking behind me). So this house has our one neighbor( Leo who is like a million years old but still alive( we think). But we don’t really see his house straight away. The jerk who built the garage is behind our barn but initially that was just an open field. Then we have the hoarder and while we can’t see his house but can see some of his junk and that’s where we’ve been putting up the fence. The newest neighbor’s ( around 3 years now), house sits at a diagonal and we only see the back of their house.

3. We have a lot of space outside. I need space around me and this house has lots of usable space.

4. The kitchen is small but functional and when we moved in we gutted the kitchen and replaced everything. So 28 years later it’s still in good shape but we do need to redo the counters. But it works for me and I have no clutter in there.

5. I love the sunporch and sit out there almost every day at 4pm for wine time. It’s the one space B built that actually has no problems and as you know, if you read my blog, we replaced the 4 windows last year and that was so worth it. I’m thankful for this lovely space with plants and sunlight streaming in.

6. There are only 2 bedrooms but they work and our bedroom is just the right size. The area where my office is and now the cat room too was used as a bedroom for my son at some point. He now sleeps in the Tuff shed studio. That was our homeschool classroom and is insulated and has electricity. I’m thankful we have that extra space for him.

7. Our floors are wood and I prefer that to any carpet. We have an area rug in the living space. I’m thankful I can vacuum the whole house in 10 minutes tops.

8. I’m thankful we were able to put a new roof on a while ago( maybe going on 5 years now). It was expensive even for such a small house but we were able to afford it.

9. I’m thankful we have a wood-burning stove that keeps us warm.

10. As we have become more minimalist and have gotten rid of any excesses our space feels more open. And I love my white Ikea couch. It’s showing some age now( it’s probably 10 years old) so I’m not sure what Ikea couch I’d replace it with but that’s not anytime soon.

11. Having one bathroom is a challenge but it’s still a bathroom. When we were in our trailer in Foresthill we had an outhouse so indoor plumbing is very nice. Of course, we were young then and it was all fun then. So I’m very thankful for a bathroom with a clawfoot tub!!

12. We have a big old barn that does hold things we don’t use all the time, mowers, weedeaters, tools, etc. It mostly has my son’s tools and hobby things. ( Way too much for me!) B’s Triumph is stored out there too and the prepper pantry is on one wall.

13. I love that I don’t need curtains on the windows as no one is close enough to see in. I do keep curtains in the bedroom but only to keep the cold out.

I’m sure there are lots of other things but that’s a start.

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