Frugal Friday

Hello from Lake Tahoe.

The fire near home is still raging and the smoke is up here and quite nasty. Lots of campers leaving. We’ll see how it goes today and then if it stays in the unhealthy range we will probably leave. The fire is near Foresthill where we lived from 1975 till 1995. Foresthill is about 20 minutes from Auburn. Areas are evacuated including where we built our house. Sad. I hope with the cooler weather tomorrow the firefighters can get some containment.

We’ve been enjoying lots of walks and had a lovely breakfast out yesterday morning. We had decided to do one extra thing like breakfast out or lunch, so we decided to do breakfast at Driftwood Cafe. Today we walked down to the beach and around the campground. Later we may do another walkabout if it’s not too smokey.

Camping is generally frugal as we bring most of what we need but there’s always the grocery store run. Today we need a block of ice to help keep the refrigerator at a colder temp than what the battery was doing.

The most expensive thing that has happened is at home with my VW. I took it in on Friday so they could work on the coolant leak this week. Well, $3000. later it is all fixed. But it wasn’t just the coolant. It was the brake pads and rotors, the oil change, the filters, and the transmission flush…. all of which haven’t been done on the Bugs. We rarely do anything except an oil change so this was worth doing. Buggie is a 2000 VW that is now a classic and we use to do errands in town. It doesn’t go past Auburn. In addition though because the tires were wearing uneven we need 2 new tires and an alignment too. 😦

All this has us rethinking whether we can afford to go down to Refugio next month. It’s almost 700 miles so that’s a lot of gas plus going into Santa Barbara all adds up. And we have the other campgrounds we’re staying at down and back. So, we definitely need to think on this and decide one way or the other. I’m inclined to cancel mostly because of gas prices. We then have another reservation for Sea Cliff in November. So…decisions, decisions.

here’s a normal Lake Tahoe picture

Here’s the fire impact

This morning you couldn’t even see across the lake.

I’ve knitted another dishcloth and have done some embroidering. Oh, and read Alexander McCall Smith’s new book ” The Sweet Remnants of Summer’. It was a nice book. Easy to read.

9 thoughts on “Frugal Friday

  1. Don’t cancel. Gas increase is nominal in the long run, but the experiences you’ll have will be priceless. Just my opinion, lol!

    We’re currently RVing right next to SeaCliff at New Brighton. We walked over there a few days ago, and will go again tomorrow to share a piece of quiche from Venus Pie Trap, before we do a late breakdown and head to our next stop in Carmel.

    Have you had burritos from The Point Cafe at Pleasure Point on prior visits? Mind blowing good if not, truly. Cash only. 🙂

    • No we havent been to the burrito place. I love finding new places to eat. Where in Carmel are you camping? And how far is it from New Brighton? We’re trying to only only drive 3-4 hours between spots so I’m curious about distance.

      • We are 4 miles inland from Carmel, at Carmel By The River RV Park. Small, clean, quiet, and lovely owners. We have had a wonderful visit so far- so much to do in the area we’re wishing we’d booked for two weeks instead of just one. We wished the same about New Brighton SP. So much to do!

      • And only a one hour drive between the two locations.

        (Also, there are two locations for The Point Cafe for burritos, but the one on Pleasure Point is far superior to the one called West Point Cafe that is near the SCruz Pier. Skip that location, which Yelp ratings concur is not as good.)

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