All things considered…

I can hardly believe the Supreme court leak that shows the 5 justices overruling Roe vs Wade. It is just so unbelievable to me that we are in this place in 2022. I marched, protested, and embraced woman’s rights in the early 1970s. 50 years of the constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion, what? gone now. What’s next? gay marriage?? All these right-wing conservatives with “God on their side?? Excuse me which God is that now ? the Muslim God, Muhammad? The Jewish God of the Old Testament? The Hindu Gods?? which is it?? Oh, the White Christian God! Pleeease, Give me a Fucking Break.

Men have no right to tell women what to do with their bodies.


End of story.

And to further the conservative conversation, the Republicans are the ones who DON”T support welfare programs, food assistance programs any outreach really. So go have all these unwanted babies but don’t expect any help from the government. Isn’t that about the sum of it?

Fucking unbelievable.

Banning books, banning CRT, which isn’t even taught in grade schools, on and on.

What has happened to America? Donald Trump, White Christian Conservatives who all think they know how every one should be. Straight, White, Conservative and Christian.

Fucking Unbelievable.

7 thoughts on “All things considered…

  1. Yes, this is just getting worse & worse. To think a man or the state has the right to tell a women how to take care of their own bodies is just beyond the pale. Nasty orange man has truly caused SO much more trouble than I could have ever imagined. A sad place we’re in.

    • It feels like we’re going back to the 1950s with race relations, division of sexes, gays hiding,? I can only hope we can get thru this period of history to the side of openness, kindness, freedom from prejudice etc.

  2. Sickening. Women are now second class citizens. Next will be the LGBTQ and persons of color. We can say goodbye to interracial marriage and same sex marriage. They want to turn our country into a society where rich white men who own property are the kings and the rest of us are just slaves. And it seems like a bunch of yahoos are going to let them do it.

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