Hello from beautiful Nevada Beach in Zephyr Cove, Nevada.

We left home at 9:45am and arrived at 11:50 am. The drive up on I-80 was great. Eastbound traffic was horrendous though for Memorial Day travelers. We really lucked out. Now it’s always a rap shoot whether you can actually go to your reserved spot at a state beach or any campground as technically check-in is 2 pm. But we’ve always been fortunate to have friendly camp hosts who let us in if the spot is empty. Ours was so we were set up in no time. Getting Rubi parked went very easy and unhitched too. Barclay really has it down now and is proficient at it.

This time we’re in the upper loop which is our favorite. The campground is fairly empty I guess because it was very cold here and I think there might have been rain or showers the day before. We don’t have anyone in the spots in front of us so that gives us a small view of Lake Tahoe. It’s just lovely here, the air is bright and clear.

This is from our

walk this morning and looking East toward Emerald Bay. There’s snow on the mountains which we haven’t seen in a while so that’s a good thing.

Here we are on the beach looking quite wind burnt. I guess I better put some sunscreen on today.

Last night I made a delicious Staub dinner with baby potatoes, fennel and garlic plant-based sausage, onions, and then topped with mozzarella cheese. I cooked on low for almost an hour. It was delicious. This morning I plan on making some french toast and the leftover potatoes.

Today we’re only going down to Zephyr Cove to check out where the dump station is and then into Safeway for a few things. I thought I do a foil-wrapped dinner of salmon so I’ll see what they have.

We picked a great time to come up here. I wouldn’t come here in the summer that’s for sure. Too many people everywhere. It can take an hour to get down to the Y in South Lake where now it’ll be maybe 15 minutes at best.