Well, it wasn’t a fun day yesterday after all.

I did my usual swim and was out at 8am. I always lock my purse in the car figuring I don’t need to carry it into the pool area. I opened the car and there was glass everywhere and the passenger side had been smashed in and of course, my Louis Vuitton was gone. My wallet with ALL my credit cards, license, is all gone. I put my purse on the floor tucked almost under the seat but it must have been visible enough to the looter (s). Plus I had my cash envelopes in there too. So a pretty major hit of loss. All my grocery money, gas money, extra I’m saving for traveling. A BIG hit. I was really shocked and finally, the nice lady next to me said to call the police which then I did. Then I called B. I was definitely NOT handling it well as there was glass everywhere, in the car, still in the window, on the ground and I was just losing it. I told B to call our bank immediately and stop the 2 cards. Then after I did the police report I called Barclay’s card and canceled. Unfortunately, they had already charged 3 things but of course, it’s fraud so I won’t be charged. Still, I was unnerved and kept asking, what od I do about all the glass. I also called Allstate and started a claim but by that point, I was too far gone with adrenaline and told him I’d have my husband call back. Then I called B and said, “come and get me”.

He got down there and wrapped the door and window with a large plastic bag and taped it shut so I could drive home. I was pretty shakey but got home fine.

So now I need to get a new license, change what I have on auto-pay, get all new cards like Medicare, UHC, etc. I am definitely still freaked out. The pool parking lot is quite open and lots of people going in and out. Our guess is a car drove up block the view of the passenger side and did the smash and go. I was parked nearest the pool and was in there for only 50 minutes. Very sad really. Well, I’m sad and angry. My Louis V was the one thing I own that I really love. I also had my daughter’s LV change purse in there too and that was hardly used as she never really like it. so that alone is @ $500.

Product Image 1

Well, it’s a very hard thing to process but I wasn’t hurt. The window in the car can be replaced and with time, I can get the other cards like AAA redone.

So sad, I just hope Louis is ok. 😦

9 thoughts on “ROBBED!!

  1. That’s horrible. I would have been a complete mess too. I sometimes do the same thing with my purse where I go to walk. I guess I will think twice about it now.
    Sending you a virtual hug.

  2. How awful! If I’m not taking my purse into a place with me I shove it into the console between the seats (which has a closing top) or put it into the cargo area of my SUV and make sure the cover is in place to hide what’s in there.

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