Planning our RV trip to Refugio state beach

We are still planning to go on our trip to Refugio in 2 weeks. We have it planned where we will drive to Salinas/Monterey KOA the first night and that’s about 4 hours. I absolutely do not want to drive more than 4 hours while trailering the RV. I know it may happen once in a while but we are definitely trying to keep it within that time frame.

Refugio State Beach is just about the only campground near Santa Barbara. At least above SB. I’m not sure what I below it going south. It’s about 30 minutes from SB so not just a few minutes down the road. It’s a small campground that is as all the campgrounds are these days booked way in advance. I hope we like it.

Then from there we will leave and come back up to Paso Robles area and spend a night and then go over to New Brighton for 2 nights and then home. New Brighton is about 4 hours trailering.( going 55-60mph)… All this is contingent on the weather as California state beaches closed New Brighton when the big atmospheric storm came in. We still haven’t got our refund and I’m going to have to do the same thing that I did in September with Nevada Beach when that got cancelled and the refund was sent but not received by my bank. Pain in the Ass.

I’ve started to line up next year and hope we can get some reservations.

Here’s what I have so far listed not reservedyet:

Wright’s Beach

New Brighton

Nevada Beach

up the Oregon coast then over to Portland and then down I -5 to get home.

?? something new maybe down by San Diego ??

4 thoughts on “Planning our RV trip to Refugio state beach

  1. We camped a couple of years ago at Jalama Beach near SB. Amazing place. Super windy. We were there for a big wind storm back when we had our tiny travel trailer, so we were OK. But tents were flying down the beach. Still, I highly recommend it. I think the reservations were made through SB county.

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