Project : Cooking thru my cookbooks or else…

I forgot to add this one the other day. This is Nigella’s newest book. It’s a good cookbook but again I think her British cooking and use of ingredients just isn’t my style.

So this one is going to the pet bookstore. I’ll put a note on it so they know it’s brand new because they will sell new stuff for $3.00.

In other news for the week:

Barclay is off for his MRI this morning. I’m not sure what they will find. Maybe a pinched nerve?? Hard to tell but at least it’ll give him more information.

Today,I’m just puttering around the house. I went out to the barn to organize the prepper pantry and got a good idea of what we need; pasta sauces, salsas, a few canned beans, and maybe some other condiment stuff. We need some non food things like dishwasher pods so I’ll put that on the Costco list. Other than that it looks good and it’s not too much stuff.

I’ve got August’s budget almost done except for what extra we want to spend on home stuff. We want to get the garden gate done, and I’d like to get the window in the sunroom in. Also, my son wants to get the posts in for the back fence so I’ll budget that too. I think that’ll be about $100. Once the post are in( or at least most of them), we can take our time buying the fence boards.

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