Frugal Friday

With the price of groceries right now and gas and just about everything, I’m not sure there is a point to frugal friday. But regardless, there probably were a few things.

I stopped and got gas at Costco because it’s the cheapest around. So that’s one thing.

I had stopped at Michaels for a budget notebook and my favorite Rhodia was discontinued so the cashier suggested to go online and see if they were discounted, and they were. Half off. So I bought 2 small and 2 medium. Regularly $10 and I got them for $5.00. So they will last me another year. I do all my budget with a notebook. Plus, I do my daily to do list on the same page and I keep notes about how I feel, my IBS issues, food issues etc.

I went to the local farm stand and bought peaches and made a pie instead of buying a $20 pie. It was $10 for the peaches which to me is crazy expensive. I’ve been making Magnolia’s pie crust recipe and it’s easy and makes a great crust. The recipe is for a single crust but I use the rolling pin and get it fairly thin and use the extra for a lattice over the top.

I filled out my LLS reimbursement for our UHC health care premium and my prescription plan. It usually takes them a couple of weeks to process. If I didn’t get LLS, our budget would be shot. We do not bring in enough SS to cover the health care costs. So cancer is a blessing and a curse , I guess:) 😦

We ended up with a dentist bill after the copay. $160, I’m not sure how economical it is to have the Delta dental but I guess it did pay some of the visit.

I think I will take an Amazon break and not order anything unless it is necessary. We still have a few RV things that we need before our Tahoe trip in September so that will need to be budgeted in. Otherwise, no miscellaneous which I’m good at rationalizing.

Other than that same ole, same ole.