Project: Cooking thru my cookbooks or else.

These both are keepers. I’ve used both for multiple recipes. They are both excellent for vegetarian cooking. The “Expanding Light Cookbook” has the recipe for millet patties which is superb. I make those and serve with their recipe for “golden gravy’ which uses nutritional yeast. If you’re ever visiting N. Ca you can go to Ananda and there is a store and I think they have food also for sale. They have many yoga retreats as well as meditation. It continues to be a thriving community based on Yogananda’s philosophy. Being that it started in the late 60’s early 70’s that is saying something. Back in the day, Barclay was their rep for food service so he went out their maybe once every month or so.

These two are also keepers. Nigel Slater is a wonderful writer with a great sense of humor. His cooking(British) isn’t really my style, but I love reading about how and why he cooks. He and his partner bought this wonderful old house with a garden and some of these recipes are about using garden produce. They are beautiful books worth taking down and having a peruse thru on rainy afternoons. I suppose if I was moving they would go but for now they can claim a spot on my cookbook shelf.