Spineless Republicans

I cannot believe what is happening to this country under Trump. What is wrong with these people that still believe he won the election.

What wrong with ALL the Republicans that are remaining silent while he stirs up this violence and craziness all based on lies.


There was no voter fraud. This is our democracy we are talking about. IT is threatened by trump himself. Everything America stands for he is destroying. Can we even get to January 20th without some sort of uprising by his sick misguided sycophants.

This is some serious s#*t.

Yesterday, while waiting for my labs, I saw a older man with a big white beard wearing a trump hat. I glared thru my mask. He had a mask on because at Quest labs you can’t come in without one. I wanted to ask him ,”so, you need labs eh, so you need a mask , right?” or “do you not want to get your labs because masks don’t work? right? ” ” And I bet you’re glad you’ve got the ACA(from Obama, thank you) for whatever your preexisting condition is too? right?”

I am just so upset this morning after reading the WP about the Georgia voting official (a woman) who was decorating her house with her 4 yo and outside there were ARMED trump supporters using a bullhorn to harass her. WTF? is wrong with these people.

6 thoughts on “Spineless Republicans

  1. Yup. I don’t get it either.
    Michigan is a s**t show.
    I just don’t understand these people.
    In other news, we had a little covid scare. My husband started getting what seemed like a cold last week. Sore throat, stuffy, coughing a little. He got tested and thankfully it was negative. His symptoms started 2 days after Thanksgiving so he could have infected our whole extended family if we had had everyone here. Fortunately, we didn’t have them all and he didn’t have covid.
    Anyway, I’m trying to avoid alot of the news and watching Christmas baking shows and Christmas movies instead.
    Take care

  2. Hi! I found you today on a link from Sightings over Sixty. I totally agree. I see so many of them saying they can’t believe Biden got more votes than Trump. Well, you idiots, while you were decorating your boats and trucks for parades with each other, I was a teeny part of an army of people who were addressing postcards, writing personal messages, providing information on voter registration, how to apply for an absentee ballot, making sure you returned your ballot on time, explaining early voting, making sure you understood that you could vote on election day. I was “phonebanking”, something I never heard of until after the 2016 election, I was ordering postcards stamps by mail. I know how he got more votes!!!

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