some photos

This is the view out the ‘front’ish’door. By that I mean no one can ever really figure out that this is the front door as the driveway comes around to a fence and then thru the fence is the ‘front door’. This house sits oddly to the driveway so confusing.

This is one of the many Japanese maples my daughter has planted. Probably long after I’m dead these will be nice and big. The color is better in the sun.

This is looking out to the front yard and to the left you can see the big Japanese maple. That on is 25 years old( planted when we moved her). So that’s why the reference to the above one. 🙂

Another shot of the front.

Here’s the bowl with the nut loaf mixture.

This is the base of the nut loaf, brown rice, walnuts, later you add the cheese and cottage cheese and eggs as a binder.

This is the mushroom onion mix with the herbs.

I use cheddar cheese but you could really add any cheese you have.

I actually generally use a regular loaf pan but this time I used these so we could have the second one at another time.

I serve with all the regular sides, green beans, potatoes, etc. Then I make a tamari gravy as none of us like turkey/ chicken gravy plus then B wouldn’t have it. But even with turkey we make the tamari gravy, we just like the flavor better.

This the view from my sitting area( the room where we re-did the pine floor).

4 thoughts on “some photos

  1. The fall colors are beautiful. Fall is my favorite season. We are heading into winter. The trees are bare here. No snow yet, but it won’t be long.
    I love Thanksgiving. I could give up the turkey pretty easily. Stuffing (or dressing) and green bean casserole are must haves for me.
    My granddaughter is here doing virtual school today. They just went virtual, hopefully for only 3 weeks. I think it will be longer though. There is a big surge of covid here. Our hospital is getting overwhelmed. So many around here just don’t wear masks and social distance. Bars/restaurants closed for 3 weeks too. That vaccine can’t come soon enough. Stay safe and have a good Thanksgiving.

    • Our fall colors are very pretty this year. In years past, the trees have lost most of their leaves or turned brownish. This year really great color. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

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