Floor project done.

This took 4 coats of Varathane.

Into the sunroom. Now I need a few chairs so we can sit out there. I did move my treadmill out there since this time of year it’s pleasant out there to use it. When it gets too cold I may have to bring it in.

Well, Everything is back in place. I dragged the couch(Ikea) in from the sun porch. ( you can see the towels under the legs).

I’m still not sure about the extra TV. We haven’t really used it but i have the DVD’s in the Ikea cabinet so, a question yet to be determined. I’m thinking waiting till spring and if during the rainy/winter season if we still don’t use it then give it away.

Ultimately, it came out nice but was really a pain. Next on the to do before winter list is some siding on the south side of the house( which gets a lot of sun) needs to be replaced. Hopefully that won’t end up being a big issue. just take it off and replace with new. Ha , does it ever work that way. Also, the laundry room floor needs replacing but we’ll see if we get to that or not. Also, I would like to get the fencing up back behind the barn to block the new neighbors workshop which is a noisy( not all the time) and not see his stuff. It’s a pretty big job to dig post holes etc, so we’ll see how hubby does.

BTW, he made it to the big 70!! Yikes, are we that old?? Weird I know. Anyway, thru it all, he’s still doing very well. There’s still a lot of drugs pumping thru his system so I really hope that changes soon.

Today, we’re heading to Costco to do our shopping for October. Plus, the sale items including coffee. Since we started the prepper pantry, being ahead on things is definitely a win win for us. I appreciate not having to think about whether I have this or that and know I actually have extra. I guess it’s my personality type that I’ve always liked buying bulk foods even back to the early days in California( 1975). Now it’s just more like Winco, Costco whereas back then it was co -ops and Mother Truckers( which was a co-op of sorts).

We walked quite early this morning and yay for us we didn’t have to see dog walker or ghost lady. It was glorious. So I guess we’ll keep that schedule up at least for a while. I do love the stars and walking in the predawn. Well, actually it’s technically still night since it’s quite dark and there’s no new moon yet. But the stars were really lovely.

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