RIP, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It is almost unbelievable were dealing with this on top of everything else. She was a pioneer for women’s rights. Now we could be set back 50 years if a conservative woman gets on board. Can you even imagine revoking Roe vs Wade? I am appalled.

The god damned Republicans can’t even be decent enough to wait even a day out of respect for this amazing woman.

It is beyond comprehension except for pure evil from these republicans especially McConnell. What the FUCK?

4 thoughts on “RIP, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  1. The loss of RBG is devastating. I really thought she would make it til 2021. Just imagine the pressure on her. I’m sure she was trying her best to keep going.
    Not surprised by the GOP…McConnell will ram it through. It would be respectful if they at least wait til after she’s buried. I really fear for the future for my 3 granddaughters.
    Before I retired I worked with many young women (20’s and 30s). They take the rights they have for granted.
    Have you read The Handmsid’s Tale?
    It is a disturbing look at a future where a conservative perverted religious group is in power and how they enslave women. It is extreme but given the political climate I can see how we could end up there some day.
    It is a beautiful fall day here. Sunny, crisp mid 60s. I’m going to do a little flower bed clean up and take a walk.
    And try to focus on all that is good in my life. Take care.

    • I just cannot believe how evil they all are. Not even waiting until she was buried. I have read the Handmaids tale and watched the Netflix original. It truly is frightening. Trump et al. is slowly eroding away rights for women, LGBTQ, and more. People will not even realize what’s happening till it’s done. That’s how autocratic governments takeover. It is incomprehensible that this is where we are in 2020.
      I’m glad you had a beautiful fall day and a lovely walk. Take care.

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