Midweek catch up.

Yesterday we went to Sacramento to Clinic. Barclay is doing well but still has to stay on the Steroids and the new immunosuppressant. I was hoping the doctor would take him off but not yet.

I didn’t go in with him but instead went over to the Trader Joes for more stockpiling. This time I did some frozen food, teas, snacks, and wine. Then I sat in the car and read on my iPad. It’s always so busy down there I was glad to just sit it out.

Today, I’m not going to the gym but have to go smog the VW.  We didn’t walk either so maybe I’ll walk later in the park or use our exercise bike. ( It’s my daughters but we all use it occasionally).

It’s supposed to be lovely the next couple of days and then SNOW???? What the heck is up with that. To go from 70 degrees to 32 in a few days??? Weird.


2 thoughts on “Midweek catch up.

  1. Sounds like Michigan…70 one day, snow the next! Our snow is all melted and the bike trail where I like to walk is clear again so I’ve been getting outside instead of using a treadmill. I’m trying not to go overboard with stocking up. The first thing I did was make sure I’ve got supplies for being sick…soup, gingerale, kleenex, cough med, ibuprofen etc. Now I’m trying to stock up on frozen veg. I usually buy fresh produce every week.
    I guess there a 2 cases of the virus in the Detroit area…other side of the state. But it’s just a matter of time til it gets here.
    So far, we are carrying on as normal.
    Stay well.

    • I still need to get ginger ale. I did get some cold and flu cough medicine. That’s great the bike trail is open. I wish we had more trails around here to walk. Even Auburn which is 5 miles from here and where I do most of my stuff doesn’t have a bike trail that’s paved. there are trails by the river but you have to get to them and that would be too tricky for us. Oh well, we have our beloved park.

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