It’s been a busy week.

It’s been a full week with a mini trip to Tahoe.

Barclay had 2 appointments this week. One was clinic to check on his rash which seems to be gone now. Of course, we’re slightly freaked out that the one case of coronavirus is being treated at UCD med center. I think I’ll wear a mask next time I’m there.

Then Wednesday we headed up to Lake Tahoe for an overnight at Lakeland. Our big thing was to walk the new trail that opened last year. It is an amazing feat of engineering and goes right along the lake where people never had access before. ( Well, the Maidu and Washoe did) but that’s a long time ago. The trail is over 3 miles all the way to Sand Harbor. I had hoped to rent bikes at the trail but it was too early in the season. So we walked. I actually didn’t think we would make it all the way but we did. Of course, here it is Friday and we are both still recovering. My calves and legs still are sore.   BUT, IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Just beautiful!!

The lake was like glass and the smoothest I think, I have ever seen. The water an incredible blue.






These last two photos are at Sand Harbor. In the summer, this beach is wall to wall people and the line of cars waiting to come in can be miles long. They limit how many cars can park.

We got to Lakeland and 1 bedroom suite was ready.  It was great. Very nice.

We went out later for a glass of wine at Riva’s which has a view of the lake. Not too crazy as again it’s off-season in Tahoe which in my opinion is the only way to go although we will be camping in August which is high season. But generally, we stay out of town and only hit up the Safeway which is a few blocks from the campground.


The next day we drove the other side of the lake past Emerald Bay and I swear I had only one car behind me the whole way to Tahoe City. Just great.


9 thoughts on “It’s been a busy week.

    • Tahoe is the epitome of nature with hiking, biking, skiing, the water and we try and avoid the crowds when possible but it is my great love to be up there. Although I have to admit I was huffing and puffing with the altitude at 6200 feet at lake level.

  1. Looks absolutely beautiful, and agree, off season is the proper time, peace and tranquility (we hate crowds, we are a pair of loners – apart from each other – and people, noise, commercialisation…ugh). You two have had a rough time and hope this trip was healing.

    • I hate crowds too and all that is touristy in Tahoe during the busy summer season and the busy skiing season. But since this winter there hasn’t been a lot of snow we lucked out. Yes, Barclay is doing really well and it’s nice to do stuff again.

    • It’s so nice to just get out of our routines. Since Barclay is now ‘officially’ retired it’s kind of weird to find this new norm. This was part of his territory so that’s how we discovered Lakeland as he would stay there when he did his Lake accounts.

    • Tahoe is amazing and so beautiful. This time of year without many tourists it is just terrific. We had a really nice time and I agree( two days later and still sore) well worth it!!

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