10 thoughts on “quick question for retirees

  1. This probably won’t help you, but I wanted to participate in case it helps someone else. My husband is retired military, and we get same dental and vision choices federal employees receive. This is the first year they offered us dental and vision. I’m happy with Delta Dental, but I do not like FEPBlueVision, which is part of Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They are quite stingy about eyeglass frames, as well as progressive lenses. They don’t even offer coverage for the highest quality of progressives. We’ll switch to VSP during open enrollment.

    • Lucky you, as I have heard that retired military has excellent benefits. Yeah, I checked Delta Dental and I guess that’s what we’ll do but it means finding an in-network dentist. My dentist’s practice was not listed so that’s a bummer.

  2. This probably won’t help you. We have a BC/BS Medicare Advantage plan so all our coverage is lumped together. We had an option to include dental and vision and chose to add that. Our dental is BC/BS, I think our vision is too. Neither covers as well as the insurance we had before retirement, but it definitely helps.

    • Hi Marilyn, We’re not doing the Medicare Advantage as Barclay and I are both in the unique situation of transplant patients( although, I’m not in any treatment right now). The plan F seems the best option for him and that’s what I chose too. This whole thing with the Cobra is really F#*ked up right now. NOw UHC is saying because he’s medicare eligible they’re not going to pay fully! I’m so upset at this, I can hardly see straight. What are we paying the Cobra insurance for then?? I will have to APPEAL this IN WRITING and where is that going to get us… nowhere.

  3. My husband will start Medicare next month with plan G, When we left our jobs we signed up with Delta Dental Which is reasonable.We had eyemed for vision but our plan was more of a discount plan so we canceled it and just out of pocket. For vision . We pay a little out of pocket and our eye specialist writes our prescription and we have it filled at Costco and zenni.

    • Can you tell me why you chose Plan G. I’m planning on using F like I have. Because he is a transplant patient we need EVERYTHING covered as best as possible. I am leaning toward Delta dental even though our denist’s practice is not in network.

      • We chose Plan G because our broker added up the cost for the year a for each plan and even with the 185 dollar deductible G was cheaper. The 185 dollar deductible is the only difference betweenF and G.She also told us with F closing premiums will go up .we chose D ourselves we went to Medicare.gov put in all my husbands medicine and chose one of the plans that would cover them.

    • That’s the one I did like the best. Unfortunately the practice we’ve been with for 45 years isnt in their network so that’s the problem. But maybe it’s time for a change.

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