A perfect day to celebrate 49 years of love and mischief

Yes, that is correct.

August 23, 1970.

We were SO young but determined as we headed out to our new life in Tucson, Arizona. We were heading to U of A. B was already a sophomore and I was starting as a freshman. We really had a  lot of fun. We really weren’t all that crazy about what we did but we still had loads of adventures. And we still are.

Today, we went to Walmart to pick up the groceries, and then up to Home Depot to get our anniversary gift to ourselves which was a Honda generator. A small compact one.

We came home, put stuff away and then headed into Auburn to go to the record shop. We’ve been listening to jazz every night at 7pm so we thought it’d be cool to get some jazz Lp’s. Funny because Barclay’s dad had a huge, and I mean huge jazz collection along with big band and others. All that was lost when he lost the lawsuits against him. ( Long story). He eventually lost the house and most everything. It was sad. Anyway, we found 4 LPs and that was a good start.

From there we went for lunch at our favorite Mexican place. He cant have salads out due to germs but if the food is zapped, well-cooked he can have that.

All in all a lovely day.

IMG_1503 (1).jpg


7 thoughts on “A perfect day to celebrate 49 years of love and mischief

    • yes, It was Cherry records!!!How did you know?? We ended up getting 2 Cal Jaders ,1 Dave Brubeck. and 1 Thelonius Monk.( love that name). Way back when all there was LPs we had so many great ones. We eventually got rid of most but now I kinda think it’s cool.

      • They have a facebook page! I admit to have given away my LP collection (and sold my Sondek/Naim system) – my stuff was all classical (father is a Royal College of Music pianist and I grew up on Chopin) with diversions into tangerine dream etc…just confess to have bought L.A. Woman and a couple of Leonard Cohens to cheer me up!

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