Blogs that come and go…

I used to read a lot of different blogs. Some about simplicity, some about minimalism, some about organizing, and lots just about life and peoples different experiences. Some were about Myeloma and others about nothing in particular and some about frugal living.

I use to read Andrea Dekker and liked her organizational skills. But she had a lot of blind spots in her life such as not seeing her 2nd child, a boy, had some developmental issues. I think later ,after he still had spoken when he was 2, I think they saw some kind of specialist. But she monetized her blog and it began to lose something for me. Also, as soon as she talked about the Jesus card, I was out of there.  Just not my thing.

Others included ‘A blue door ‘something I cant remember. I liked her attempts at meal prep and some other things.  But again, God and Jesus seemed to be helping her live a simple life so I let that one go.

They both still have a very large reader base so there’s an appeal somewhere. But clearly for me, when religion comes into it or somehow Jesus is saving them, then it just goes too far for me.

As an atheist, I  believe in the order of the universe as in things like gravity, evolution, science etc. all without the help of some man-made idea of a supreme being. I’m pretty sure that 5,000 years ago or even more when man looked up to the sky and saw strange things or there were famines, blights etc, man needed to create an external way to make sense of it all.  Enter, a supreme being.

Now it seems every other blog is monetizing and doing the ‘7 things to declutter’ or how I organized my kitchen cabinet.  Clearly, there’s something going on with this theme. A new blog I started following was Farmhouse on Boone and wow, it is clearly all about a certain audience and a certain message for that audience. First, she talks all about simplicity and yet is only in her early thirties(maybe) and just had her 5th kid. Believe me, I’m not sure having 5 kids fits into the genre of simplicity or minimalism.

Yes, I know this is very judgemental and I accept that fully. Everyone has the right to believe what they believe and to actually include it and write about it. It’s just not for me and it just seems somewhat ironic. Oh, yeah, Jesus helps in that one too. Maybe it’s about procreating. Seriously, in my 20’s it was all about zero population growth. Only have 2 children to replace yourself. Not 9 kids as another blogger has or 5.

So, my own biases, as everyones does, plays out here.

There are some great other bloggers I do so enjoy, Reading my Tea Leaves is a truly beautiful blog. Yes, it is monetized but it’s not intrusive or blatant.

‘Minimally’ is another I so enjoy. Trish is the blogger who did the year of zero waste on another site. She is a funny and talented writer with a solid minimalist approach.

‘Spo’  is one of my favorite bloggers and writes wonderful and interesting blogs about his life.

So, for now, so blogs come, some blogs go….

And you know, there’s something for everyone out there!!


9 thoughts on “Blogs that come and go…

  1. I stopped publishing for a time but have a great deal of drafts I’m working on! I do try to stay active reading others and giving my thoughts on their subject… like I’m doing now… lol

    Although my blogs cover some religion/atheist thoughts, that is it’s purpose. I can understand the frustration, though, when you find a blog you like and they start discussing religion and politics. (if that was not their original intent of the blog). As in life, you can come across some very interesting people and then you find their religious or political beliefs are much different than your own.

    I always considered a “Tip Jar” for my blog but I’d rather have it for others to share their thoughts.

  2. I generally stop reading when they monetize a blog. At that point I’d rather just read magazine/newspaper articles with editors. My other pet peeve is the dang slide shows. Hate those things. I enjoy your blog, Chris.

  3. I do not monetize or talk about religion. I aim for good writing in short form on various topics related to retirement and aging. I’m a terrible photographer, so no slide shows. I invite you to visit!

    • Thanks, I will. I actually do talk off and on about being an atheist. It’s interesting( I think) having gone from being a Quaker to a Buddhist to finally atheist. But that’s of course, just my own journey and bias:)

  4. Chris! I am waiting for Johanna to get her act together this morning and am catching up on your blog … and just saw mine mentioned. Thank you so much — I’m glad you enjoy it! And I feel honored to be included in your list.

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