Monday Musings

We had a lovely visit with my sister Heidi, her daughter and her daughters’ daughter.

My brother came over to visit too. Then we went out for dinner and it was quite nice. Expensive, but it was a treat.

My sister is 4 years older than me and is having some serious health issues. Besides the pulmonary fibrosis, she has some nodules on her lung that looks suspicious.  I would definitely fly back East if she needed help in the future. She has come out every year since my transplant to support me. So it’s the least I could do.  She does have a large family that all live a few miles from her so that’s, I’m sure, a comfort.

Today, I’m home doing regular Monday stuff. The zone is the living room and I may try moving one Heywood under the window. It’ll be tight and I probably will move it back but I’d like to try. ( No, both my kids hate the idea, so that’s not happening) 😦 Then, laundry and a quick vacuum.  It looks like it’ll be cloudy today but it’s not cold.

Tomorrow my sister will come visit for a few hours and I think I’ll take her to lunch at Newcastle Produce.  Then If I need some produce I can get it as well.

Tonight I’m making a Fettucine Alfredo with a few shrimp. And a salad!

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