Being Grateful…

Another blogger frugal girl just did a blog on being grateful and many others are following with a post on what they’re grateful for. So here goes:

  1. I’m grateful for my wonderful husband,who always is supportive, and my 2 amazing children. They are the best and every day I am grateful for them.
  2. I’m also grateful that my new treatment, Velcade, has knocked my numbers down into the normal range. Even with some side effects this is a pretty wonderful thing to have had that happen.
  3. Each day is a gift and I appreciate it in some way. I don’t always feel top notch, but I’m grateful for  the wonder of a day and beauty that it holds.
  4. I’m very grateful to have a home, be it so ever humble and small( one bathroom) 🙂
  5. That I can walk each day. I never take that for granted.
  6. I’m very grateful my husband has a job and excellent health insurance since my treatments and drugs are very expensive.
  7. Also, for all my cyber myeloma friends and others who have taken the time to comment and share.



2 thoughts on “Being Grateful…

  1. Wonderful post Christina! I write frequently about how grateful I am for so much in my life, and I think it’s really important to focus on this and the “glass half full, rather than half empty”. Too many are too negative and not appreciative enough. I love your 1-7 list of what you are grateful for! Reads like what mine would be, except my unpredictable GI, prevents me from walking and hiking as I once did. Do you not have this issue with your treatments? What were you on prior to Velcade. We’re on similar treatments now, as my Kyprolis is the second generation of Velcade.

    • Hi Julie, I did have pretty serious GI issues in the last year that I took Revlimid. I had to not eat before I went out and still needed Immodium. If I knew then what I know now, I would have asked fro that drug that helps with diarrhea. it’s mentioned on the Myeloma Beacon. I just kept trying to work it out. I still have some Gi issues that I think are not Velcade-related but a remnant of Revlimid. Sometimes I have to rush to the bathroom. Camping has been a challenge and I need to be near the rest room as our tent trailer only has a little porta-potty. Overall it’s better, but still comes and goes. The biggest issue, is sometimes it comes on absolutely with no warning and I need to run to the rest room. Plus, with Velcade now I have very ‘weepy eyes, styes , and some neuropathy starting.
      Overall, it’s manageable, but still there are side effects. I have the 6 th cycle starting next week, so it’ll be after that I get a chemo break. I have mixed feelings about stopping but, in the past my numbers move slowly so I’m sure my doctor will test once a month to see what’s happening.

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