As Arnold says, ” I’ll be back”

image’m going to take a small break from


A Break to work on some issues with not working. I am retirement age and I am getting my lousy under $300 ss, but what am I doing. ..??

I’m still have issues with my library dismissal. I guess I feel really rejected and don’t want tno feel that way. I need to reframe it all and for me that’s usually taking the time to journal, walk more, maybe take the kayak out by myself. ( working on will it fit in my van).

Next week we’re in tahoe camping so that should help. I know I’m not going to look for a job, so I need to reinvent my value and self worth.

Geez, how would think at my age I’d be doing this when just a month a go ,I was all together with the days I worked, felt needed, valued and new my job to the T.

Well, as the quote says…

One thought on “As Arnold says, ” I’ll be back”

  1. I think I understand. Before I retired I was an RN at an FQHC (federally qualified health center). Lots of uninsured and underinsured, medicaid and medicare, and patients who had often not had adequate healthcare for years. So it was challenging. And it was more than a paycheck for me (and many of the staff). It was more like a mission…..a feeling that I was doing good, making the world a little better, making a difference. When I decided to retire it was mainly because it was getting to be too much physically….it was affecting my health. I knew it was time to retire and I spent the last year planning for it. I was really looking forward to it. I was not at all prepared for the feeling of loss I felt after. I missed the staff and the social part of work a little, but I keep in touch with people. What I lost was my mission. It took awhile to figure out how to replace that. For me….it is knitting. I do charity knitting. I recently sent baby hats and blankets to Brazil and I feel like I can still make a difference.
    You will find your way. Maybe volunteer work would fill that void, or doing something for a multiple myloma organization.
    Take your time, and enjoy your camping trip. Hugs

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