April fools

April is a new month, and I’m looking forward to getting my food budget more in line. Plus, we’ll be paying off the Prius with the stock money, so were going to have that monthly payment go into sinking funds. I think for us always have the big expenses not saved for hits us hard, so I’m determined to change that this year. We did get hit with owing taxes which was kinda a shock, but well be ready next year. Plus with 2 adult children still living with us it seems hard to get ahead.

So, I think my savings challenge is going to be put at least $500 in sinking funds,
*pay both car tags $180
*put birthday money for my daughter aside $200
*put Costco membership money aside $50
*put AAA membership aside $150

So that’s almost a $1000 extra.
My husband should get his quarterly bonus this week and that might be close.
He is going to take $400 and buy a zoom, which is primarily for work but he deserves it . He works pretty hard.
So that should do it.

Thanks to  2 bloggers for comments, here’s there links , ( I’m practicing)


Well sorry those links are not working, I just going to have to try again20and just starting
Yes, I think that one is working now,
The other LivingthesimplelifeIwant

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