Friday wrap up of the week

It’s been an up an down week.
I walked 2 miles 3x this week which for me is a first. I’ve lost a couple of pounds( over the last 3 weeks). It’s so slow when you’re trying to lose weight. 
Had a good oncologist meeting. He thinks my arm pain is neuralgia from the shingles. Blood work all good, but haven’t gotten my m protein yet. That’s my cancer marker so  overall good.

Payday was as expected, with upping our 401 we are getting more taken out, but they are matching the 8% so we really need to. Be proactive about retirement money. I may not be around but it’s important it’s there.

Some very unsettling news about my student loan total disability discharge. I was granted this  after my  doctor filled in the necessary forms. But now they’re saying it was a joint consolidation loan and what I’m not sure. I spoke with them this morning and I’ve been so upset all day. This is a big bucket list thing for me, so my husband doesn’t have to worry about this.
I asked my lawyer fried if I should get a lawyer and she said wait till I hear back. Some specialist is suppose to talk with some other specialist….WTF

 So, I’m hoping this week end is better and I’m not stressing so much.

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