Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful our trip was safe and fun too.

We had a terrific trip down to Napa. There was some traffic backed up where I -80 merges with business 80 but it wasn’t too bad. We made it down in less than 2 hours and the great thing was the curmudgeon old guy( I’m sure he’s a nice guy) wasn’t there but a younger woman and we were able to check in early at 12 noon as opposed to waiting till 1pm.

We set up in half an hour and headed over to Oxbow Public market for our pizza lunch at Live Fire Pizza.

The market itself which is enclosed was packed with people probably because it was President’s day. But the pizza place was not too busy and it was divine.

We then went to Fatted Calf which is a gourmet butcher store there in the market area and I got a few different sausages to try. Not a lot but just enough to add some flavor to maybe a sauce or something.

After that, it was back to the RV camp and rested and happy hour. We didn’t feel like much dinner so we had salad and some soup.

The next day we hit up Model Bakery which is quite famous and the line showed it. We got their famous English muffins, bread, a couple of croissants and 2 cookies. From there we went to Rancho Gordo for heirloom beans. The store is not very but has a great selection. Among other beans, I bought some black garbanzos which will be interesting to try. I also bought his cookbook which happens to be all vegetarian.

We then found a new to us breakfast place called Petit Soleil. It was lovely and we had very big breakfasts. I reminded myself why I don’t eat big breakfasts:( It was good but just too rich and too much.

That afternoon it was very windy so we didn’t go walk the river trail which was our intent. We stayed in Rubi and I knitted some and read.

We left the next morning early and were home by noon.

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