Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful we have a warm and cozy home. Plus I’m thankful that B feels good enough to get us wood for the wood stove.

Here are some highlights of the week.

Halloween pumpkin carved by my son and his friend.

I have no interest in carving pumpkins anymore so I’m thankful he did. Here’s my pumpkin stack though:

That’s about it for outside Halloween but I always put out my vintage Halloween things. Now they are all put away except for knitted pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

Above you can see the color of the paint B re did. I still kind of hate it but at least it’s not glaring light grey. Next year, we’ll re do it with a different color and maybe 3 times is a charm??

Cozy sitting. Looking at the TV wall and a cat. Those are their cat beds which I’d love if they weren’t there but needs must.

Looking over at the table and you can see a few knitted pumpkins.

This is the beef stew. It looked pretty good. Today has been busy with pressure canning black beans. I wanted to try one more different thing before I put the canner away. It’s de-pressurizing right now so I’ll open it up later today. I still might do some cranberry sauce though as I saw a recipe on Mavis Butterfield’s blog.

I also made the pizza dough for tomorrow night and used a Youtubers recipe that makes 4 doughs. I did this last month and like being able to pull it out of the freezer. The YouTuber is Happy Homestead and she’s about as down to earth as you can get and has really good ideas.

I’m thankful I love to cook for my family and I’m thankful for my family.

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    • thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Our house is quite small and at one time was stuffed to the gills with furniture, pianos, and collections (vintage), then I started becoming a minimalist and changed most everything. I still have maybe a wee bit more than I’d like but we do use it all.

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