Grateful Monday

I have been thinking about doing a weekly or biweekly blog on Gratitude. Mostly just write down things I’m grateful for.

  1. I’m extremely grateful to have a loving husband and two amazing adult children.
  2. We have a roof over our heads. Even though this house was built in 1949 as a summer cabin we have made it a better place by insulating, changing to energy-efficient windows, and more.
  3. I am so grateful that we both have good health as of right now. Both of us having blood cancer is certainly a weird thing, but we got thru it and now are on the other side for the time being.
  4. The present is truly a present and I’m grateful for the awareness of that.
  5. That I wake up each morning and feel joy. The news is certainly very depressing but when I don’t focus on it I still feel joy in the day.

One thought on “Grateful Monday

  1. Loved ones, health, joy in the day and more – truly things to be grateful for. I’m curious to know more about your “cabin” home’s history if you don’t mind sharing.

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