Cooking thru my cookbooks or else…

Here’s two more that I will keep.

Dutch Oven Cooking is one I use with the Lodge.

I’ve made the Dutch oven potatoes , yumm. Also the Stuffed peppers but not with ham just rice.

I haven’t made any desserts yet simply because we don’t eat dessert as such.

So this one is a keeper.

Next is Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. This is also a keeper as I’ve made numerous things from it like the lentil soup and also the split pea soup. I don’t usually make any salads from cookbooks because we eat simple salads. but soup I like to make and casseroles. She has a good selection of soups and lots of southwestern dishes as she is in Santa Fe( well, or used to be).

This one makes the mark.

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