Friday news!

This has nothing to do with being Frugal friday or no spend.

We bought the Coleman Rubicon RV. it’s not in yet but we got to see one at the dealer and it is really nice. It’s 16 ft. The weight is more than I would like(38OOLBS dry weight) for the Santa Fe but it should do the job adequately. Barclay actually called the Hyundai dealer and checked. Remember this is a 2014 so not new. If it becomes a problem then next year we’ll have to look at a used truck of some sort. The biggest challenge would be going up to Tahoe or any big steep climb. We are paying to have anti sway put in and the whole new hitch.

I’m actually not to freaked out at dropping our savings down but it still is scary. The main thought I’ve had is “if not now when? ” . All trailer sales are off the charts and I think waiting a few years would change that, but it doesn’t change our age and we want to go out and do things while we can. Life can change in a moment and we ,of all people, know that.

We still need to actually do the money transfer , sign final papers etc. They set up a class for you and they go thru everything you need to know. I generally get pretty wiped out by those things so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I know I can’t do Velcade day or dex day so,….it’ll need to be a different day.

I’ll post some pictures when I see it at the dealer again.