Happy Valentines Day!

Hope it is a lovely day for all !

It’s cold here this morning but sun should come out later. Yesterday we walked in the rain and it was lovely. It wasn’t a windy rainy, just a nice steady misty rain. We used umbrellas and not our Toggs. This morning jerk walker was there deciding he owned the whole path and wouldn’t move to his right. WTF man! He’s such an asshole!

My Seville oranges showed up. If you’re interested in them, they are from Pearsons Ranch in California. They are a bit pricey but if you want”real’ English marmalade this is the way to go. I’ve made one batch already and will make the other today. I’m trying two different recipes. One was recommended on one of my favorite blogs,‘Tales of a Happy House’. She is a great cook and an inspirational blogger!! The other I’m trying today is Lebovitz who lives in France.

The color is quite beautiful. I let the jars set for 2 days and they did firm up some. It’s still more liquidy but it will be nice one pancakes or yogurt. For this next batch I will use my candy thermometer as the temperature may not have quite reached the 220 degree mark.

I’m making spinach and mushroom crepes for Valentines dinner with a cheese sauce. I think I’ll also make some brown rice to have on the side and then we can use that for Tucson stew another night.

Last night I made the smoky lentil soup which is one of my favorite recipes and with it I made fresh blue corn tortillas with my new tortilla press. I decided to get one after trying to roll out the masa between pieces of parchment and I couldn’t get it to go quite right so the press is brillant. I plan on playing around with plain flour tortillas later.

Both of us have now had our first Covid vaccination and it all went well. My daughter gets her first one on Tuesday as she is an educator and they are in the Tier 1 B. My son , who decided to go up to Tahoe this weekend and is kinda on my shit list for doing so, will have to rapid test and then not eat with us for the week or be in the house without a mask. I guess he felt he HAD to get a way. Well, he had better not bring Covid home or else? You can tell I’m pissed about it, right? Normally he is very considerate so who knows what’s up. He is almost 27 so I can’t exactly tell him what he can or cannot do.

My shot 1 of Velcade round 2 went well and I was in an out in no time.

I finished painting the alcove and did the high gloss yesterday.( trim and the bathroom door).The next phase is Barclay painting the LR ceiling this week sometime. Then I will start a wall at a time.

This week is the bathroom zone so I will get that done today as well.

9 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. You sound so ambitious!
    I have been very unmotivated lately. It’s cloudy and snowy and very cold. I should bundle up and go out and walk but there is so much snow everywhere it’s hard to find anywhere to walk. When the roads are plowed they leave banks of snow on the side of the road so it’s kind of dangerous to walk there. I need some snow shoes I guess. I have a treadmill but it’s not the same as being outside.
    I’m so glad you are able to get the vaccine. We get our 2nd dose on Wed. I understand being upset with your son. I would be too. It must be hard for young people to not be able to socialize.
    We all want some kind of normal back.
    Take care

    • So exciting you’re getting your second dose. I feel you about the snow. If I actually lived in Tahoe I’m not sure what walking would happen as it’s the same as you described, walls of snow and not much space. There are though lots of trails lakeside that they keep open. well, where I am is a very moderate climate which is why people love the Sierra foothills. As they say above the fog and below the snow!!

  2. Just wondering what would happen if you said “Good Morning” to jerk man. Maybe “Nice morning for a walk”. Probably would take awhile for any response (if ever) but no harm in trying. I have found that people generally respond to kindness even if it takes awhile. We never know what burdens others carry.

    • Actually, it’s been 1 year since he showed up. ( We’ve been walking for 8 just for reference) and we did say hello etc. What started to happen is that we walked in the same direction and it was our regular time of 5am. It was dark and he would come speed walking up behind us and not say anything so we started to get annoyed not to say half the time jolted by him. Then he walked with no flashlight so we couldn’t see him either. He is a speed walker with his dog. a young man in his late 30’s early 40’s. So finally we said hey get a flashlight and he blew up at us, yelling and screaming so we just backed off. Then we started coming later to avoid him( so we changed when we walked). And we started walking in the opposite direction. Everything is off about this person. They drag their dog walking, he speeds when he leaves the park, he’s rude by walking in the middle of the path so we need to step aside, and last week his dog shit right where we walk ( on the side we walk )and he left it there. I don’t think saying hi at this point will do anything.

      • Jerk walker is obviously a child – get yourselves Minion Fart-Guns and blast him as he goes past. Actually, blowing raspberries is probably cheaper than wasting money on toys.

  3. Making marmalade was on my list but I have decided there is no chance this year while we have a two year old running around the kitchen! We will be having leek and mushroom crepes with a cheese sauce – spinach sounds just a nice though.

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