So much for those who try and defend the confederate flag

“Indeed, the flag had long been tied to white supremacy, racism and racial violence. The Confederate flag was already tied to racism in 2000 when the state legislature agreed to move it from the top of the capital to the nearby Confederate monument where it would remain for the next 15 years. Indeed, the flag had first flown at South Carolina’s State House, at least partially in response to federal orders to desegregate. The Confederate flag was a favorite symbol of those resisting the civil rights movement, including, in this case, the South Carolina government.” Washington Post

This article is from the Washington Post yesterday morning. Definitely reading material.

No one is going to change anyone’s mind about how they think about the South including the Confederate statues or the flag. People believe what they want to believe. But history and facts tell a different story.

So for those out there who like to believe the fantasy that the Confederate statues and flags have something to do with standing up to the government for the idea of taxation( what the civil war was about( they think)), think again. It was about the evil forces that lower humanity into thinking slavery was just fine.



2 thoughts on “So much for those who try and defend the confederate flag

  1. My favorite set of comments to people who have the stars and bars on their property/truck/car? “Do you say the Pledge of Allegiance? (Never had a person say no.) “Then you are not living up to the pledge. The pledge was written AFTER the Civil War to ban the Stars and Bars.” Just trying to communicate on a level they understand. Never had an angry word spoken back to that one.
    Personally, I think not many people outside of the South (including DC/ Maryland/Delaware) understand the Civil War at all. An aristocracy that made it important for their serfs and slaves to fight for their ownership of land and people. It was never about the people who actually died.Who could be proud of their ancestors being serfs and their brothers being slaves? The strangest thing is the number of poor farmers who fled “North” to stay in the Union- including many, many immigrants.
    We have to change how this war is taught (although American History is no longer being taught in leu of higher test scores).

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