Rain and snow and the end to fire season.

It finally happened and with an arctic blast. I-80 was shut down yesterday to stupid people trying to drive to Tahoe when the snow was blinding. Now it is just raining here and undoubtedly snow, lots of snow up there.  Tomorrow it looks like snow here even as the temperatures are dropping.

I’m so happy my daughter left the Truckee position with all the snow she would have been stuck up there or sitting in traffic. It was a good children’s librarian position but the commute in the winter just got to be too much.  Now she is part-time at Sierra College as a librarian and I know she is going to love that as it is working with students and faculty.

Well, the good news is no more fire danger or PG&E power safety shutoffs. We did see a $100 credit due to the shutoffs on our bill so that was plus.

No walking today not because it’s raining. I actually like walking in the rain. But we somehow can’t find our Frogg Toggs. I knew mine was ripped last year but I thought I’d kept them anyway but obviously, in a decluttering moment I didn’t.  So I’m going to order some today or at least soon as the rain keeps coming.

A nice day to stay home and sit by the fire. I finished the LOTR trilogy. It took me 2 months but always worth it. Now I’m re-reading The Historian which is one of my all-time favorite books.

I’ve made the vegetarian nut loaf and I’m baking it right now. I won’t cook all the way and can finish it off tomorrow ( I think, I’ll see how it goes).

Well, till next time, May your journeys be free of Incident and Live long and prosper. Not sure why I added that but…



2 thoughts on “Rain and snow and the end to fire season.

  1. Happy to see the rain. We got up this morning, and our sun umbrella and a chair were in the pool. It is cold out there! I walked yesterday, but will probably pass today. I’m reading the new Janis Joplin biography. It’s actually quite sad but very interesting. I’ve never heard of The Historian, but I looked it up, and it sounds great!

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