A minimal Thanksgiving

552cdb22-105b-4107-869e-4ec1dff8e550.jpgEvery year I think “oh, I’m going to go out for Chinese food, or order a pizza for Thanksgiving”.

But then I realize, I like to cook for Thanksgiving although each passing year I streamline it more. One, because too many side dishes are well, too many.  But, since we don’t have family that comes or anyone we know really, it’s a fairly low key event.

This year I will do our vegetarian nut loaf, which I’ve made every year for the last 20, plus either a small turkey or turkey breast, plus mashed potatoes, a vegetarian tamari gravy, and a few other sides. That’s about it. I always buy a pie but no one eats it till maybe the next day as we’re not dessert eaters at all.  I’m not really a baker so I usually buy a pie at Costco but this year maybe I’ll think of something else.

Since it’s only the 4 of us, I just don’t want to overdo it.

I have a few pumpkins for the table and the knitted pumpkins as well and I’ll go cut a few branches of the Japanese maple for color.

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