Dyson V 8 Animal vacuum

I thought I’d do a quick review of this vacuum. We needed to get something different than the little mighty mite vacuum. BTW, the mighty mite is a great little vacuum. But their design changed and quality from when we bought the first one a long time ago.

It’s1 at Costco for $299. regularly $379. So $80 off.

I just checked the website and they are sold out online. It must be a popular item. So, it is very powerful and really sucks up the dirt. Actually, it has continued to suck up dirt from the small area rugs we have. I’m thinking it may be time to replace that living room rug as it was originally just a remnant someone gave me. It is a good size though at 8x 11.

I also used a few attachments and they are good to get into hard to reach areas. I didn’t put the attachment on the ‘stick’ end so I ended up leaning into corners so I won’t do that again.

So far, I like it and I like the cordless aspect a great deal. It’s easy to move around and it seems very well made.  I also like it hangs on the wall and is out of the way.

It’s Monday, so it’s home blessing day which means dusting, cleaning mirrors, vacuuming, and towel day( to wash). I also try and make up some menu plans for the week.

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