Rainy day…

Well, this storm is here and it’s supposed to continue thru Tuesday with possible snow even at our elevation which is about 1700 ft.  It will definitely close the freeway if it’s whiteout conditions. We only need to go out for labs this morning and then tomorrow would be a transfusion day, probably platelets.  So we won’t be out too long.

So yeah, got the call from infusion, tomorrow platelets.  Sa o that’ll be enough time for me to go to the gym.

I’m seriously re-thinking the instant pot. I’ve not been too interested but then I started thinking about when B is down in Sacramento in the hospital for a month and then in a hotel or Air Bnb for a month. Of course, I will come home every couple of days but then I had a brain hit of making up meals that my daughter or son could put in the instant pot and cook within an hour. So have any of you been on the fence and then got one and loved it??? I have to say with the Vitamix I was and am amazed at its versatility.  Plus the Instant pot runs around $79 on Amazon so not a huge loss if I hate it. So any thoughts let me know…


This was at the end of my walk yesterday in the park.



5 thoughts on “Rainy day…

  1. I love the Instant Pot. You can make basics like rice, dried beans and stock in a flash. I love the Indian Instant Pot cookbook by Urvashi Pitre. She has a new one out Instant Pot Fast and Easy. I don’t want to buy it until I check out the recipes. The library doesn’t have it, so I think I’m going to see if Barnes and Nobles has it, just so I can scan through the recipes and see if it’s right for me. Her recipes are usually spot-on.

    • The learning curve was minimal. We always had a pressure cooker, but my husband just used it to make refried beans out of dried pinto or black beans. When the gasket blew, he bought the Instant Pot. This was years ago, when they first came out. I didn’t touch it for years. Then I read about the Indian Instant Pot cookbook. We love Indian food, but it’s usually not that great where we live. So I got that, and it was life-changing. Now I used it all the time. Today I am making chicken stock out of carcasses we froze after making roasted chicken — the stock takes about an hour. To me, it’s worth it even if you just use it for dried beans.

  2. I have not gotten bit by the desire to have an Instant Pot yet but being able to cook a meal so fast sure would change the lives of busy families.

    Here in Michigan we just went through a week of storms and whiteouts. Hope you can just hunker down until your storms blows over.

    • I’m still on the fence mostly because I love to cook and do a lot with my Le Crueset and cast iron. My husband doesn’t eat meat so those recipes wouldn’t really help him much. But both my adult children ,who live at home, do. It’s still very stormy here ( Sunday) but Monday into Tuesday is supposed to be the worst. I doubt my daughter will get up to Truckee if there’s snow here and they already have had white out conditions.

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