Fire in Paradise:(

Paradise is pretty much gone. The fire has ravaged the entire town.

Paradise is somewhat isolated as it is up a canyon drive from Chico. Not an easy road to navigate. B used to have accounts there and I have been with him a few times. It’s hard to imagine all those houses and businesses gone. But more importantly is people and pets getting out to safety.

B helped coordinate with Chico Co-op and 2 others for donations for free food and water and other things. Briarpatch donated $2000 worth of stuff and so did Sacramento Co-op. I hope this helps the people in the next few days so at least they have food and essentials.

I cannot believe Trump having the nerve to say it’s because of forest mismanagement. He is such a F#@king asshole and doesn’t know squat about forest management. In all these forests around here, the Tahoe, Eldorado, Butte etc are managed extremely well. I see it every time I drive to Tahoe the work of crews cleaning and cutting brush and trees so there is less fire fuel.

It is climate change affecting the voracity of these fires and the wind elements.

I just hope Paradise can be rebuilt and emerge from the ashes.

My thoughts are with people, firefighters, animals, wild and domestic.  I hope there is some change for the better today. I ask you to hold them in your thoughts too, today.

BTW, are skies turned a weird yellow from the smoke. It was really eerie.

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