The week just went by…

I’ve been busy with stuff around the house and still dealing with the legal name change.

After calling lawyers here, it was recommended to call a NYC lawyer and so I did. I tried a few with no luck and then hit the jackpot with a lawyer who actually specializes in legal name changes. After voice mailing a few times I was able to speak with him. He never mentioned a fee just that he would try and answer my questions. So, the bottom line is that since 9/11 NY’s laws about name changes are extremely strict.  Yes, since I have always used the alias” Christina “( which is my 3rd name but not my first hence “alias”), I do have to do a legal name change. There is no way around it if I want a certified birth certificate.

So, I also asked what do I put as my legal name now because that’s what was confusing, he said it is Aurora Roxana Christina which is how my BC is written. The proposed name is Christina Roxanne. So I was immensely grateful for his advice and he was so nice to talk with.  The next day I sat down and filled in the pages for the court order. Yesterday, I went to the court records and submitted them and paid the fee of $435.  I had not filled in 2 spots for petitioners name so I did that there.  I already have a court date and then I had to go to the paper as it has to be published 4 consecutive weeks.

It was kinda funny as the clerk told me recently 2 of her co-workers had to do the same thing as one of them, the mother had actually spelled her name wrong and so legally she had to go in and correct it.  Really a PITA, but this is only stage 1. I still have to do the NYC stuff and that’s just as confusing. It took me a month to get thru lawyers and legal help center and looking at the papers to get here. So I’m not sure how the NYC thing will play out or how long it will take.

On other news, I’m not walking this morning as I’ve walked every day this week and I need to let my foot rest. Yes, if I over do it I can feel the stress in my upper foot so I just back off for a day. It has been lovely though as all the summer walkers are gone and it’s been only us in the darkish morning.

I’ve been wanting to buy Turkish Towels as they supposedly dry quickly after use so I got these lovely dark grey ones.


They are supposed to get softer and more absorbent with consecutive washes. I love the color. The first time B used his, I thought it didn’t dry as quick as I thought it would. But the 2nd time I used mine it did dry quicker. I may wash them again today as it says after the 3rd initial wash is when you can tell.

I bought 2 and if they are what I hope I’ll buy 2 more at Christmas.  I love how small they fold up too which is a big reason people buy them.

Then I also bought some Corelle cereal bowls since I only had 2 Crate and Barrel ones left.  I am so enjoying using the Corelle and I love how they have such a small imprint.

I’m slowly replacing the Crate and Barrel white dishes with the Corelle. I love how they wash up so easily too.

Today is just some chores in town like Target and then home to finish home stuff.

Tonight is Friday night pizza.