A book review.

I’m back at Netgalley reading some books and then giving a review.

This one is cover142452-mini.png The beginner’s KetoDiet Cookbook.

I’ve been curious about the KetoDiet for a while. So when I had the chance to review this I was excited.

The book is very well done with lots of interesting recipes that even if you didn’t want to follow Keto all the way they would be good. The pictures are lovely as well.

The author gives a very detailed explanation about having a KetoDiet and the many positive things about it.

I’d definitely recommend reading this book and I will be trying a few recipes myself.


2 thoughts on “A book review.

  1. I don’t do Keto, but I like the cookbook author Urvashi Pitre, who wrote The Indian Instant Pot Cookbook. If you love Indian food, this book is life changing. She follows a Keto diet and writes a blog at twosleevers.com. Tons of Keto recipes.

    • I’m too much of a carb person to do keto completely. But I’ve been swapping out some carbs for other things so maybe I’ll lose a little weight Hee, hee 😦

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