New blog domain

For anyone who follows me, I decided to pay for a domain under

I’m not sure if it goes directly from my previous blog so if someone could give me a heads up if it does or they’re having trouble.  Most tech stuff I sort of go by the seat of my pants so to speak.  so not sure if it just forwards it???

Let me know???

11 thoughts on “New blog domain

  1. Hi Christina, very nice! What motivated the change? And yes, I just clicked from your icon on my blog and it brought me directly to your new blog. I think you and I have years and years of posts on our respective blogs, and I often worry that one day it will just disappear. I have so much of my life, specifically my myeloma journey, on my blog. Tell us about your new space! And again, congrats on your continuing good health. My IgA is creeping up again… I’ll post my new details tomorrow.

  2. I guess I “follow” blogs a weird way. I just start typing in the address and it knows where I want to go. I started typing in christina and it immediately took me to tahoegirl.bog so it worked great. Thanks for the movie suggestions. I saw Imitation Game recently and liked it. I’ll put Theory of Everything on my list.

    • Yeah, I really wanted to change the domain to Tahoegirl ( maybe it should be Tahoe getting older woman:) ) but I like the name and I think I’m a little like Peter Pan and just haven’t really grown up 🙂
      I added in the tag line ‘ a simple life’. I’m maybe going to change it to a minimalist life but I’m still thinking on it….

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