For your eyes only….

At Costco, we bit the bullet and bought a set of Arlo security cameras. They were a great deal and it has been on our list for a while so when we walked in and saw they were $75 off we decided to go ahead.

We live in a small town but over the last couple of years, there have been quite a number of home invasions. I’ve wanted to do something about at least a security camera to see who drives in our driveways. We have 2 ways to come into the house, hence 2 driveways. Not the best Feng Shui but we’ve made it work. But also, our house is situated  so that we don’t hear a car or even UPS sometimes. So it often worries me about someone driving up to the house and coming in.

In addition, we don’t lock the house and I think after the recent break-in down the road, we’d better start. When I’m home alone I will often lock the doors if the dogs are in. (they’re not much use inside). Outside the will bark but inside, I guess, that’s their safe haven.

So this is the first step to better safety. The second is to put up some farm gates this summer as a deterrent. It won’t be electronic but gates do deter people here.

This set has 3 cameras. So one will be on each driveway and the other in the back of the house to watch the animals and see who’s showing up. Rocky Raccoon, Skunkie, and family, a herd of deer. Recently, someone mentioned on our next door facebook that a mountain lion has killed some goats. I’m glad Billie is gone so we don’t have to worry about a hobbly old goat getting eaten by a mountain lion.

I’ll update on how it is after it’s up and running in case you’re interested.


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