Simple Sunday

My Sunday routine usually involves making a bigger breakfast for all to enjoy. This morning I made blueberry pancakes, bacon, veggie sausages. No scrambled eggs as my daughter took 2 dozen to sell at work. The girls are starting to really lay now since there is more light.

Speaking of light, wow sunset is 5:30 and sunrise 7:07am. What a difference.

So then we walk later on Sundays by maybe 15 minutes.  Just a little give since it’s Sunday. No one showed up till 7:05 or so.

I didn’t start the kitchen zone so that will be tomorrow.

My sister is not doing well and now has pneumonia and a collapsed lung. So not a good scenario. But I am optimistic she will be better soon from that. I looked into flights for about a month from now and the most affordable are midweek.

I went to the gym and it was pretty empty. Maybe Super bowl stuff going on.?

Dinner is a roasted beet salad with spinach/arugula and a Point Reyes blue cheese. Then I’m making tofu salad stuff avocados.

The pot roast came out good. But I realized, I sorta like the idea of pot roast maybe not as much as the real pot roast even though it was tasty.


A woodpecker!!

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