Apocalyptic Fires in Wine Country

The fires over in Napa and Sonoma are just awful.

It is so sad and shocking to see the devastation of this beautiful area. So many people displaced and homes lost. It does put in perspective how quickly one can lose everything even life itself. These fires raged so quickly many people and probably animals just couldn’t get out quick enough.

Such a tragedy.


2 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Fires in Wine Country

  1. I totally agree with your perspective. I’m OLD, but I grew up in a part of Texas called “Tornado Alley” because there was little warning to escape to the ‘storm cellar” , a brick and concrete room buried out beside their house with only a slight hill and a heavy metal door showing on a sunny day. The “storm cellar” was where my granny stored all of the meats fruits, jams, and vegetables she had canned in Mason jars during the past summer and when a calf was butchered. There were always spider webs and tiny bugs that had found their way inside, wooden boxes turned on end, and padded for people to sit on. The entire neighborhood came, and everyone brought their flashlight, because candles could sometimes cause some discomfort for someone. People came with their children and carrying their elderly family members, and while some stood, others took turns on the padded wooden boxes my granny had fashioned from potato and cattle feed sacks. We always ran to the cellar at the first hint of a nighttime storm, and in daylight, the look of the sky determined our fate. It was a friendly neighborly place down in the cellar, seeing all of your neighbors, and sometimes even a stranger or two that came along. “Back then” no one took the time to decide whether or not to go to the storm cellar. We just DID it because it was safer.
    i write all of that to say that the reason for anyone to purposefully stay in harm’s way totally escapes me. But now, I see more complacence in the younger generations. My grandfather taught me how to know many things about the weather and, land, and atmospheric conditions by teaching me to notice herds of deer or animals moving through at unusual times, the message brought by a whiff of smoke telling what might be burning, and which direction a fire might be moving, and although I never knew it to be true, I often heard many of the old-timers predicting future ‘earth events’ by sudden cold spells, plant production, and whether or not the fish were biting down at the creek bank!
    As an adult, I’m befuddled by the complacent attitudes I have noticed, and the overwhelming urge to ‘beat the odds’ when danger lurks and people have any advance warning..
    I’m striving to learn more about a minimalist lifestyle with fewer ‘belongings’. and more memories. When these events happen, now, as an adult, I like to think that my valuables are snug in a safe, and I only need to escape or walk away with my memories and no regrets. I think the possibility of an event that endangers lives is looked upon as a challenge by some, the probability of hanging onto treasures that can’t be replaced, or the opportunity to prove that one can outsmart mother manure. All I know to do is to Pray for those who live in the path of dangers, and hope that they will have prepared ahead of time to leave and go to a safer area if there is any possible way to do so. For those who think they can’t leave for some reason, I truly pray for their safety.

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