It was so hot here last week. It was brutal. 106,105, degrees does not go over well with me. At night it would not cool down and we’d wake up to it being 80 something. Well, that’s passed for now and it’s been lovely. Today it’s going to be a high of 84 degrees then back up to the low 90’s. Still nice enough for me. Our window ACs were going overtime.

It’s just been life as usual here. Today I’m going to try to make sauerkraut. I’m on this kick for probiotic foods and sauerkraut is up there. I love it so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll post some pictures when I get going. I’m using the Kitchn recipe.

We had rice and bean bowls last night for dinner and I made this coleslaw with a mayo, and sriracha, and lime dressing. Pretty tasty.

We’ve had snow peas from the garden, radishes. lettuce( which is now done), some carrots and tomatoes and zucchini. I’m sure soon enough we’ll have more zucchini than is possible to eat. I tried freezing it shredded last year but never used it. Too mushy.

Today is a gym day and dinner is ???

2 thoughts on “Summertime….

  1. Curious to see how your sauerkraut turns out! I spent a few days earlier in the month pondering kimchi recipes on line … I love the stuff at the local Korean restaurant and would like to make it at home, but I’m scared that I will do something wrong and wind up poisoning us all or something. But people have been doing this for generations, right?

    • Hi Ms. Moreless
      It was really easy and it did bubble and ferment just like the recipe said. I don’t think you can go wrong trying. Since its a fermented food. Look it up on Kitchn. that’s one of my favorite recipe sites…

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