More stuff loaded for Goodwill

We put 2 office chairs in the van and I did a few more magazines. If I can get my daughter to help unload, I’ll do that tomorrow. Goodwill won’t take stuff out of your vehicle. I guess it’s some kinda liability thing.

It’s nice out today although now it’s clouded over. But it’s warmish. I went and got new Invisalign trays and it went quickly since he had an emergency come in.

We’re working on getting some farm gates for our 2 driveways as it seems security is on my mind lately.

I had fun today sewing a linen tote bag.  I’m obsessed with linen fabric and found a good youtube to watch on how to sew a tote.  It came out okay. I need to work on sewing my lines straighter. I used it at the grocery store and it was nice. I bought this fabric for new curtains in the tent trailer so I wanted to try some out.

I’m going to grill some chicken tonight and make a salad.

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