Labs still normal and other things

So, the good news is my Kappa light chains and Lambda are still in the normal range. And my ratio is normal too at 1.16  My lambda actually went down so the ratio went up slightly.

It’s so exciting that this is my 9th month off drugs and I feel good.  So, I won’t see him again ’till June but still get labs in 6 weeks. He said I didn’t need to get labs that soon but I’d rather do so. My myeloma markers have never just jumped up quickly, so even testing every 6 weeks is over reaching but I’d rather keep an eye on it all.  he mentioned that my Hemocrit is slightly high ( 46) high normal is 45, so he wanted me to drink more water. I honestly don’t think it’s a dehydration thing but probably some damage to the blood plasma in the bone marrow from ongoing treatments. And it started to go slightly high after 4 months of Velcade. Who knows. I’m not too worried about it.

So, let’s see, I dropped off a big load at goodwill that had been accumulating in my car. And then took some Life magazines to the Humane Society bookstore. I also got out to the barn and dragged out my Heywood-wakefield coffee table and sold it for $40. A  big win. It’s one more thing gone. Then we moved my daughter’s Yamaha keyboard back into my office area for her to play.  If it doesn’t seem as if it’s working right, we’ll donate it but at least it’s in a place where it could be used.  Then B took all the cardboard which does add up because of his samples to recycle. So that cleared up space.  Next, I’m going to take a picture of the treadmill and list on our local sell group. It’s a good treadmill that folds up but now we’re going to the gym, I don’t see using it. And we really have no place, literally , in our small house for it.

I’ve been making the Zojirushi bread daily to try different recipes. Some have looked and tasted great and some have had issues. The middle is falling, or the crust isn’t quite right. They all taste great but I you tubed some videos and am trying some corrections this morning.  After I get this figured out I want to try bagels, raisin bread, and some other recipes.

We decided not to go the farmers market this morning since I don’t need anything and we went to Costco on Thursday. I’m making a chard soup tonight from last weeks chard bought at the Farmers market.

So, it’s been a productive week. Next week looks cloudy and rainy. Then the following Monday we head down to new Brighton State beach for the week. It had better be nice.

The first time out with the tent trailer always has a learning curve of what do we have in there and what do we need. Capitola is fun in that we can go to the store and get stuff so I’m not planning on bringing tons f food. I know I’m going to cook in the Lodge cast iron at least once.

Well, off to do stuff. I’ll post some frugal things and budget stuff later today.( or tomorrow)


2 thoughts on “Labs still normal and other things

  1. So very happy to read your off treatment success Christina! Wow! So happy for you! So crazy everyone’s myeloma journey.. and I think you are several years ahead of me! Did Velcade ever give you extreme burning, on fire, like a fever nerve pain? That’s what I’m dealing with now, and it’s debilitating. Never did Velcade before (2010- 2016), but it’s paired with Darzalex for me know, and wowweeeee, the nerve pain, not neuropathy, is “killing” me. Anyway, so glad all is going so well for you Christina! Keep up the success!!

    • Thanks Julie… No the Velcade only caused very very slight neuropathy. But I did get the weepy eyes and had it for months after I even stopped Velcade. i hope your new treatment plan is successful. I wish though, some of these treatments didn’t have such side effects.

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