Just Keeping Walking update

Well, it has not been fun walking in the heavy rain and wind these last few days. My umbrella is turning inside out, I’m getting soaked even wearing rain gear. But the update is at the end of January we finished month 7 so we’re beginning month 8. That’s 3 years and 7 months plus 8 days of walking every single day rain or shine or I should say usually in the dark. Normally I don’t mind the rain and we have nifty rain gear called Froggs.  But with the wind blowing it gets a little crazy.

Honestly, the trick is to get up put on your shoes and get dressed. Then just go, well, after a cup of coffee.

Just keep Walking!!!

4 thoughts on “Just Keeping Walking update

    • I don’t know Carla. You live where it is very cold and icy. where I am is moderate. today it was 52 degrees. rainy but warm. I’m not sure I would be walking every day if I lived in Canada. Plus, I have a park 1/2 mile away. If I didn’t have that I wouldn’t be walking. I think I’m lucky to have that.

  1. First time commenting but I live in Ontario ,canada and walk 5K every day. You are right about having the right gear for rain or cold. Today I had on spikes because we had freezing rain. I just feel better for doing it.
    Jane in Ontario

    • You’re a brave soul to walk in the freezing rain. I’ve walked in a snow storm but that’s rare here. Thanks for commenting. Do you know the blogger mean queen? she has a yearly challenge to walk a 1000 miles in a year. Last year I got to about 910. so this year I’m trying for the 1000.

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