Bread making continued and a cookbook review


I let the first rise go 9 hours then preheated the oven to 475 for an hour. I made the nice round boule and let it rise while the oven preheated. So it really only needs that hour. I put it on parchment and voila. It worked great.  So this is not the sourdough which didnt rise as nicely.  I’m going to work on the ratio of sourdough and water and I may add a tiny bit of yeast ans wee how that goes.


no knead bread!!!

img_0165It’s also Friday night pizza so the dough is made.

The book review is of “A Modern Way to Cook” by Anna Jones.9780399578427.jpeg

It is a vegetarian cookbook with quite lovely pictures. Unfortunately, the recipes are quite weird and seem to be odd combinations. Such as charred celery root steaks. Humm, not sure about that.

I did like how she separated recipes by time, such as ‘ready in twenty, or forty minute feasts’.

It just didn’t seem to have appealing ingredients in the recipes. I mean what is ‘sumac yogurt’??

So, get this one from the library and save your money on something you will make recipes out of.

This book was given to me  by blogging for books in exchange for my honest opinion.


Bread making 101

Well, I’m back in the thick of it. I’m reading everything about the no knead bread and today I’m starting loaf # 4. I’m going to shorten the first rise and the second one as well. I’m guessing( after reading a lot) that the yeast has done its thing and there’s not enough oomph for it to do the final puff in the oven.  So today, I’m not using sour dough, just the 1/4 teaspoon yeast and will do the first rise for 12 hours or so. I’ll have to see as that  puts me at 7 pm. So I may need to do it tomorrow am. I may have to read up on leaving close to  24 hours. That seems like a long time.  But the second rise I’m definitely doing for just the hour not 2.  I also ordered a proofing basket to get the nice marks you see on bread like it whole Foods.  I’m having fun figuring it out.

My daughter and I had a great trip into the Sierras to Quincy. Very low key and just delightful. We stopped in Truckee on the way home for bagels at a place she had been wanting to try.They are very close to New York bagels.  We bought 1/2 dozen to bring home.

The refi is still in limbo with the subordination again. It was going to fund this week till they realized  they still didn’t have that info. So it’ll be another bit yet.  They’ve done a good job on this so far, so I hope it’s done so we don’t have to pay October’s payment. We are still over in the budget.  So we need a little catch-up. since I can’t work, my job is to figure out how to get our budget to work and still have money left over:)  That has yet to happen. But I’m hoping with the savings of $500 a month on the house payment does the trick.


Jim Lahey’s No Knead Bread

The week ahead.

So, I forgot about simple Sunday,as I was in the middle of making bread, cleaning, reading and do some decluttering. I’m back to bread making as our weather is so much cooler. It has been really lovely. But sunrise and sunset are later and earlier. We’re sitting out by the fire again and then I’m coming in to watch a show @ 8pm.  I finished Grantchester which was great. If you  like Acorn/BBC, it’s excellent. Then  we watched Stranger Things, a  Netflix original. Just okay, if you don’t like supernatural stuff, just skip it.

I’m making the sourdough no knead bread. the loaf I made yesterday was kinda flat, but the taste was so good. I watched you tube on the bread making and someone used a bread basket thing to do the final rise in. This is quite a wet dough so I think just leaving it on the bread board for the final rise didn’t work out. So today I have it in a bowl and then will roll out. I might see how much one of the bread basket things are. I also forgot to put the cast iron pot in the oven to preheat and that’s probably why it didn’t puff up. Right now I have it in there for 40 minutes.  So, it came out pretty flat again, and I think the water/sourdough/flour ratio is off. I checked Jim Layey’s bread and it’s about 1/4 less liquid, and I’m guessing that’s it. The taste is terrific ,though.

I’m in the kitchen zone this week. Always my biggest area as its cleaning the stove cabinets, refrigerator etc.  I’m getting ready to go start it.

Then I need to go into town to the store for a few things. My daughter and I are doing a mini get away up to Quincy to Ada’s. So  since there’s a kitchen we’ll do a grilled chicken, mac and cheese and a wedge salad. So I need to get the items for this.

Then I went out to the barn yesterday and I’m trying to get memorabilia down to one bin instead of two. Also, I’m going to be ruthless with the Life magazines. I need to get it to maybe 4 bins. Right now it’s down to 8. since I started with 40, I guess that’s good. I wish I could find a collector who loves them as much as I do.

I just read ” Cooking for Picasso”. Its a pretty good book about a young girl who cooks for Picasso when he escaped from Paris for personal reasons. He’s about 55 at this point and quite famous. She’s about 17 and of course becomes enamoured.  It’s an interesting read and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Now I’m reading another Icelandic mystery by Indridason.   this writer is AMAZING. I read every word and for me that’s unusual.

51buKngrBPL.jpgCheck out his books. i just saw he put one out this year.


Friday stuff

I’ve been busy with the tomato sauce canning and just started on the apple sauce. I did 3 jars of applesauce yesterday and will probably do more this weekend.

Yeah, my labs came in all normal range. So another month of freedom from worry. At least till Oct 1 when I get new labs. I’m walking more and that feels good. I think being off Dex is probably the biggest plus I can feel.

Our weather has definitely changed to fall like. Really lovely during the day and quite cool at night. Plus sunrise and sunset are way later and way earlier. Well, it does happen every year, but nice to see the changes.

Budget stuff is not going well. I just can’t seem to get ahead with it. I even cancelled Ynab because all I was doing with it was trying to figure out why it wasn’t jiving with my budget stuff.  I think since we have quite a bit coming out for 401 K and insurance etc, it just leaves his paycheck smaller.  We still have gotten nowhere with the refi and I just emailed the person this morning as it’s been another week of no email. Our CU did put together a loan package we were approved conditionally for but we are already into this HARP one, so I hope we get some word soon. It’s approved , so I’m guessing it’s the damn subordination again holding it up.

My sister and her 3 daughters are coming  out from Connecticut for a visit in October. It’s a short visit and seems kinda weird but  I’ll get thru it. I’m not one for changes to my daily life and like order and predictability. But as I said, I’ll get thru it.