Friday stuff

I’ve been busy with the tomato sauce canning and just started on the apple sauce. I did 3 jars of applesauce yesterday and will probably do more this weekend.

Yeah, my labs came in all normal range. So another month of freedom from worry. At least till Oct 1 when I get new labs. I’m walking more and that feels good. I think being off Dex is probably the biggest plus I can feel.

Our weather has definitely changed to fall like. Really lovely during the day and quite cool at night. Plus sunrise and sunset are way later and way earlier. Well, it does happen every year, but nice to see the changes.

Budget stuff is not going well. I just can’t seem to get ahead with it. I even cancelled Ynab because all I was doing with it was trying to figure out why it wasn’t jiving with my budget stuff.  I think since we have quite a bit coming out for 401 K and insurance etc, it just leaves his paycheck smaller.  We still have gotten nowhere with the refi and I just emailed the person this morning as it’s been another week of no email. Our CU did put together a loan package we were approved conditionally for but we are already into this HARP one, so I hope we get some word soon. It’s approved , so I’m guessing it’s the damn subordination again holding it up.

My sister and her 3 daughters are coming  out from Connecticut for a visit in October. It’s a short visit and seems kinda weird but  I’ll get thru it. I’m not one for changes to my daily life and like order and predictability. But as I said, I’ll get thru it.